Thursday, August 22, 2013

Knit Beaded Bracelets Part Two and New Yarn

I have finished the first round of round of knit beaded bracelets and thought I'd share photos of those I have left.  Once I attached the toggles I used clear nail polish to coat the thread ends above and below the bead spacer to prevent fraying and breakage.

I like how they look and feel; so light weight - hardly know you're wearing one.

I'll be working on more and here is a preview of the next color I've chosen.  Picking out the beads is one of the most interesting parts of the creating these bracelets;  never quite knowing how the bead combinations are going to look is rather fun.

Some very interesting new yarn is showing up in the stores...I'll admit this doesn't look like much all jumbled up like this....but I'm thinking it's going to "grow" up to be a beautiful scarf.

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